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Jun 30, 2020

Wendy Wilkins is an award winning actress, writer, filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Wendy is honored to have recently become an American citizen having lived here for years via London, originally from Australia. After being a young cop, Wendy became one of the most successful real estate agents in Australia, personally selling over a billion dollars in sales.

Her creative passions kept calling her since she put shows on for her grandfather in her garage, when she was a little girl. The joy on his face still resonates with Wendy today. Wendy has won awards on the festival circuit, and been delighted to act in a number of award winning films and TV shows alongside many household names. Wendy also has a number of screenplays in various forms of development. 

From acting in award winning films and tv shows to writing screenplays to writing her memoir -- Sex, Love & Cops, which is about her five years as a young cop in Melbourne, Australia where she discovered her first arrest, first love, first murder, cop culture, cops and guns, and a even a #metoo moment.

Wendy connects with Lou Diamond on an episode pulled from the Bedside Reading Authors That Thrive podcast.