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May 27, 2020

Sharon Ann Ziegler is a mother of three grown children and a lawyer licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania, North Carolina and her home state of Tennessee. She has been practicing law and writing legal briefs, motions and appeals for more than 25 years.

In her debut, self-published, 2018 work of fiction, The Association, Ms. Ziegler tells a dynamic cerebral tale that describes some unusual and rarely discussed aspects of the American legal system and she explains how a woman fits into the male dominated profession.

Set in small town America, The Association is told through the eyes of a young female attorney. The story mixes thrills with an intriguing plot and exceptionally spectacular characters to achieve a telling glimpse into the legalities of the Covington Commons Home Owners Association, a truly American institution patterned after the hundreds of thousands institutions under which tens of millons of Americans presently live.

The young heroine of the story learns that the Association was a microcosm of bureaucratic corruption that developed under influences of a downtrodden economy, entrenchment, greed, dishonesty and deceit. The lead character is no shrinking violet and she must find it within herself to navigate and succeed in a world where grossly confident men grandstand in gold jewelry, private investigators are always listening, and judges are not honorable . , . a world where people aren't at all who they